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A good rule of thumb would be to not sell a service that involves a site you don't own. "Signature" links that aren't actually in your signature (in the body of a post) are not allowed.

13. Rule, administer, command, govern, manage mean to exercise authoritative guidance or direction. Rule implies the exercise of authority as by a sovereign: to rule a kingdom.

as a rule как пра́вило, обы́чно; by rule по (устано́вленным) пра́вилам standing rules постоя́нно де́йствующие пра́вила; to make rules устана́вливать пра́вила

Examples of rule in a Sentence I understand the basic rules of chess. As long as you're living under our roof, you'll follow our rules.

Перевод 'rules' в русском бесплатном словаре и многие другие русские переводы. EN rules перевод на английский.

Фраза My life, my rules переводится как: Моя жизнь, мои правила. My life, my rules. - Я буду делать, что хочу.

Rules сущ. в начало. общ. of an Arbitration Court регламент (арбитражного суда). австрал. Australian Rules. 80/20 rule сущ. в начало.
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